•   Only routines that receive a Golden Ticket Invitation or have a Routine that placed 1st Overall High Score at (2) Star Dance Alliance Regional Competitions for that routine are permitted to compete at the World Dance Championship.
•     Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis.  Spots are limited in each division.  Once a division is full, no more entries will be accepted for that division.  Registration opens on June 6, 2022 at 9:00am (EST).   SPOTS ARE LIMITED… BE SURE TO REGISTER EARLY!
•     Payment must be made in FULL in order for registration to be processed.
•     Fees must be paid by credit card or electronic check through the registration system.  No Star Dollars may be redeemed for WDC registration.  No cash refunds will be given.
•     If space allows, routines may also qualify at a National Championship.  These routines must register immediately.
•     Routines must compete in the same performance level & age division in which it qualified.  In the event that a dancer is unable to participate, the routine may still compete as long as the average age does not change.  A dancer substitution may be made with another dancer that is on the studio’s original roster as long as the average age and performance level does not change.
•     Any routine that receives a Golden Ticket for the same routine that competed and qualified in (2) different levels must compete at the highest level (Ex. if a routine qualified in Intermediate and Advanced, it must compete Advanced)
•     A qualifying routine may NOT be replaced by another routine (that did not qualify) from the same studio.
•     Studios must be prepared to provide proof of age for all performers in the event that an age protest is made (birth certificate or drivers license is acceptable).
•     Studios who have more than the allotted number of routines that qualify for the same division must choose which routine(s) to compete.
* Only the highest scoring routine from each studio in each division is eligible for the ‘Final Five’.

How To


1. Go to www.dancebug.com and log into your account

2. Click on ‘Competitions’ and then scroll down and select ‘World Dance Championship’

3. Click on ‘Register’

4. Click on Step 4′. You will then select which routines you would like to register for the WDC. Then click Add to Registration’.

5. You will then follow the prompts to complete your registration and payment.

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