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Does my group have to be at the competition all week?

No…groups are only required to be in attendance the day that your routine is scheduled to compete.

There is a schedule listed online…will this change?

No…the schedule is listed online is set in stone and will not be altered

Do Solos or Duet/Trios compete at the WDC?

The WDC is only for Small Groups, Large Groups, Lines and Grand Lines.  The WDC is held in conjunction with the World Dance Pageant and any soloist is invited to participate in the pageant.

I have one dancer who will not be able to attend. Her absence doesn’t change the average age or the small group category. Would our routine still be able to compete with one less dancer or do we have to replace her with someone who is the same age?

Your routine can still compete without replacing the dancer since it does not change the average age or the small group category.


No…Only (2) routines per age division/general division per studio are permitted to compete in the Novice performance level.  Note:  Advanced and Intermediate level routines are permitted to have (4) routines per studio in each age division/general division.

Can I replace a dancer with a dancer who does not dance at my studio?

No…Dancers must be on the studio’s original roster listed in the registration system.

Q. Can anyone compete at the World Dance Championship?

No…Only routines who qualify at a SDA competition and receive a ‘Golden Ticket’ invitation are eligible to compete.

Do small groups, large groups and lines compete against each other?

No…All divisions will only compete against themselves.

Can I use my Star Dollars for registration fees?

Star Dollars can only be used at SDA Regional and National Competitions.  They cannot be used for the WDC.

Do you take schedule requests?

No.  Every group must compete on the day listed on our schedule.

Where is the competition located?

The competition will be held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Is there a charge for parking?

Parking is Free!

Where do I bring my props?

There is a loading dock in the back of the Exposition Center.

When entering the final round are small groups, large groups and lines still seperated or are they all put together for a final result?

The finals are divided into small groups, large groups, lines and grand lines.

If my group does not advance on to the Final Five to re-compete, are we required to stay?

Only those that are re-competing are required to stay.

Do the dancers have to do the same routine that received the Golden Ticket?

Yes, only the routine that received the ‘Golden Ticket’ Invitation is eligible to compete.

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