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General Info


  • Meadowlands Exposition Convention Center – 355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ


  • Click on ‘Register’ on our website to learn how to register your qualified routine.
  • Entries must be received NO LATER than July 1, 2018 for routines that qualify at a Regional
  • Routines that qualify at a National Championship must register immediately. See your Golden Ticket
    for deadline information.
  • Entry Fees are $65 per dancer for each routine. Fees must be paid by credit card or by certified check
    (made payable to “Star Dance Alliance” and should be mailed to ‘WDC, 30 Kinsey Road, Xenia, OH
  • Payment must be made in FULL in order for registration to be processed.
  • No cash refunds will be given.
  • Routines MUST compete in the same performance level & age division in which it qualified.
  • A qualifying routine may NOT be replaced by another routine (that did not qualify) from the same
  • In the event that a dancer is unable to participate, the routine may still compete as long as the average
    age does not change. A dancer substitution may be made with another dancer that is on the studio’s
    original roster as long as the average age and performance level does not change.
  • Studios must be prepared to provide proof of age for all performers in the event that an age protest is
    made (birth certificate or drivers license is acceptable).
  • Studios are limited to (1) routine in each general division/age division/performance level. Example: In
    the Junior Advanced Division, a studio may have one routine in Junior Advanced Small Group, one routine in
    Junior Advanced Large Group, and one routine in Junior Advanced Line. If you have more than one routine that
    qualifies for the same division, the studio will choose which routine to compete.


  • Routines will compete in the following divisions:
  • Advanced Petite (8 & Under) (small groups, large groups, lines)
  • Advanced Junior (9-11)(small groups, large groups, lines)
  • Advanced Teen (12-14)(small groups, large groups, lines)
  • Advanced Senior (15-19)(small groups, large groups, lines)
  • Intermediate Petite (8 & Under(small groups, large groups, lines)
  • Intermediate Junior (9-11(small groups, large groups, lines)
  • Intermediate Teen (12-14)(small groups, large groups, lines)
  • Intermediate Senior (15-19)(small groups, large groups, lines)
  • Grand Lines (11 & Under)
  • Grand Lines (12 & Over)
  • Novice (11 & Under)(small groups, large groups, lines)
  • Novice (12 & Over)(small groups, large groups, lines


  • Contestants will be required to provide their own music on an individual CD or Ipod. All music must be recorded at the proper speed. There must be only ONE routine per CD. A back up of all music must be accessible in the event that it is needed.

  • IPODS – We will ONLY accept iPods if the iPod is clearly labeled with the studio name,address and phone #. All music MUST be on one play list labeled with the entry number provided to you on the final schedule.


  • There is absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHY or VIDEO RECORDING permitted. Failure to abide by this rule can result in Disqualification for the studio.

  • Props must be set up and removed from the stage in a reasonable time frame and must be labeled with the studio name for identification purposes backstage.


The World Dance Championship will be held in conjunction with the World Dance Pageant. Each day will begin with the Semi-Finals round (all routines compete in the Semi-Finals). The top scoring routines from the semi-finals will go on to compete later that same day in the Finals.

  • All entries must compete on the day and time assigned. No exceptions
  • A Preliminary schedule will be emailed to all Studios no later than July 15th with approximate performance times.
  • A Finalized Schedule cannot be made until all SDA National Championships are completed on July 28th. A Finalized Schedule will be emailed to studios by July 29th.

QUESTIONS? Email us at info@worlddancechampionship.com or call 937-376-9415

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